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Archaeology: Magazines & Journals

Journal Title Finder

To see if the library has a specific magazine, journal, or newspaper, enter the title in the search box below:

Magazines vs. Journals

Magazines: Articles in magazines are usually short in length and are written in a popular style.  An example of a magazine that has articles on archaeology is Scientific American.

Journals:  Articles in journals are usually lengthy and are written by scholars and experts in the field. 

They often have bibliographies and extensive footnotes (which can provide leads to other sources). 

Databases/Magazine Archives

To access these databases from off-campus, click here.

Academic Search Premier – More than 4500 magazines and scholarly journals. 
Over 60 titles dealing directly with Archaeology.

JSTOR – Full text of more than 1000 scholarly journals; including over 80 Archaeology titles.

ProQuest Platinum – Contains many articles on Archaeology.
Titles include National Geographic (1986-present), 
Smithsonian (1986-present), plus the New York Times (1980-present),
Wall Street Journal (1984-present), and 40 other newspapers.

Science Online - Science magazine, 1880 on.

Scientific American - Scientific American magazine, 1993 on.

Google Scholar Search