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Modern India -- History 307: Books

Biblion Search


Searching Biblion/Library Catalog

Below is the  main SUBJECT heading for
Indian History used in the Biblion Search/
Library Catalog.

Click the blue link to see full details of books/materials we own.

BIBLION Search Tips

1. When first searching use a broad KEYWORD. Make sure to use the most recent scholarship by sorting the results by date.

2. Once you've found an item that looks promising, take a look at the subject headings assigned to it (they are blue and underlined). When you click on the link, it will take you to a list of every book in the Library with that same subject heading. This is a good way to narrow your search results.


Overview vs. Monograph

An Overview is a book which addresses a time period such as A Brief History of India. Use the index to find your topic; it may be a chapter or just a few pages. An overview is meant to place your topic within the context of the time and larger world.

A Monograph is a book which addresses your specific topic. If you are researching a person, a monograph could be a biography of the person. If you are researching an event, a monograph might be
The Great Uprising in India: 1857-58.