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Getting Started: Research

Class Research Guides

Working on a research paper for a class?

Start with your Class Research Guide to find the best sources.

Locations Guide

-Magazines/Periodicals (non-current)
-Fiche & Film collections
-Academy Archives

Ground Floor
-Newspapers & Magazines (current)
-Children's Books

Floor 1 (Rockefeller Hall)
-CinemExeter (feature films)
-New Books

Floor 1M
-Documentaries & foreign films video collection
-Music CDs
-Graphic Novels

Floor 2
-900s (Geography, Biography, History)

Floor 2M
-100s (Philosophy & Psychology)
-200s (Religion)
-300s (Social Sciences)

Floor 3
-700s (Arts, Music, Sports & Recreation)
-Recorded books

Floor 3M
-400s (Language)
-500s (Science)
-600s (Technology)
-800s (Literature)

Floor 4
-Special Collections
-Alumni Collection

Finding Books

How do I find a book in the Academy Library?

Use our online library catalog, Biblion, to search for books, dvds, cds, e-books, audiobooks, and more.  Search Biblion by keyword, title, author, or subject.

Biblion Catalog

Advanced search button


I found a book in Biblion -- How do I get it?

Once you searched Biblion and found the item you need, use the location, call number, and status information to locate the item on the shelf.

  1. Location:  See the locations guide on left, if floor is not listed.
  2. Call #: Write down/snap a photo of the entire call number on the spine of the book.
  3. Status:  An available item will have the status CHECK SHELVES.  All other items will indicate a date the item is due back, or if the item is overdue, missing, etc.


The book I need for my school project is checked out - How/When can I borrow it next?

Visit or contact the Circulation Desk or Ms. Lennon-Walker directly, to request the book(s) you need.

Finding Articles

How do I find articles from newspapers, magazines, and/or journals?

To find articles on a topic, choose one of the databases located on the E-Resources page. 

If you're not sure which database to try first, use the E-Resources by Subject Area page to guide you. You can also start with a general database that covers a variety of subject areas such as Academic Search Premier or Proquest Research Library Prep.


How do I find out if the library has the print or online access to a specific newspaper, magazine or journal?

To see if the library has a specific magazine, journal, or newspaper, enter the title in the Title Finder search box below: