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Getting Started: Study

Study Spaces

Library Commons - Ground Floor

Group Study Tables

Study Lounge - Floor 3

Library Etiquette

Cell phones - Tone it Down!
When entering the library please set cell phones and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode.

Use your headphones!
Use your headphones to watch videos or play games. Headphones can also be borrowed at the circulation desk.

Snacks should be eaten in the ground floor Library Commons.
Drinks in spill-proof containers with lids are allowed, except at or near all computers, printers, and copiers.

Keep conversations quiet.
Your classmates come here to study. Keep your voice low.

Study Carrels

Assigned Study Carrels
Uppers and seniors can request their own study carrel in the library.  112 carrels on floors 2 and 3 are assigned to uppers and seniors and have a cubby with a lock and key. 

Students who had an assigned carrel in the previous year, or who requested a carrel before leaving for summer break, are automatically added to the list for the following year. 

Uppers and seniors can contact Mrs. Nishimura ( for carrel requests.

Additional Carrels for Quiet Study
There are 100 additional study carrels on floors 2M and 3M that can be used for quiet study on first come first serve basis.  Please do not leave your personal items unattended. 

If you plan to use any of the carrels for a length of time, please contact Mrs. Nishimura (