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His/Her/Self -- HSS-SEL: Books

Finding Books

How do I find a book in the Academy Library?

Use our online library catalog, Biblion, to search for books, dvds, cds, e-books, audiobooks, and more.  Search Biblion by keyword, title, author, or subject.

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I found a book in Biblion -- How do I get it?

Once you searched Biblion and found the item you need, use the location, call number, and status information to locate the item on the shelf.

  1. Location:  See the locations guide on left, if floor is not listed.
  2. Call #: Write down/snap a photo of the entire call number on the spine of the book.
  3. Status:  An available item will have the status CHECK SHELVES.  All other items will indicate a date the item is due back, or if the item is overdue, missing, etc.

I found an e-book in Biblion -- How do I view it?

Under the title of the book click on Website.  This will open the full-text of the e-book avaible through our Ebrary collection.



BIBLION Search Tips

1. When first searching use a broad KEYWORD. Make sure to use the most recent scholarship by sorting the results by date.

Example Keyword Searches

2. Once you've found an item that looks promising, take a look at the subject headings assigned to it (they are blue and underlined). When you click on the link, it will take you to a list of every book in the Library with that same subject heading. This is a good way to narrow your search results.

 Example Subject Headings

Here are the Dewey Decimal System areas for some varying items of women's interest.  The 300's are located on floor 2M.

  • Women - civil and human rights      323.34
  • Women - legal status                      346.0134
  • Women - literature - history and criticism       809.933 522
  • Women - political organizations       324.3
  • Women - social aspects                   305.4
  • Women - suffrage                            324.623
  • Women in combat                            355.4082
  • Women's rights                                 323.34