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Introduction to Psychology: Books

Finding Books

How do I find a book in the Academy Library?

Use our online library catalog, Biblion, to search for books, dvds, cds, e-books, audiobooks, and more.  Search Biblion by keyword, title, author, or subject.

Advanced search button


I found a book in Biblion -- How do I get it?

Once you searched Biblion and found the item you need, use the location, call number, and status information to locate the item on the shelf.



I found an e-book in Biblion -- How do I view it?

Under the title of the book click on Website.  This will open the full-text of the e-book avaible through our Ebrary collection.

  1. Location:  See the locations guide on left, if floor is not listed.
  2. Call #: Write down/snap a photo of the entire call number on the spine of the book.
  3. Status:  An available item will have the status CHECK SHELVES.  All other items will indicate a date the item is due back, or if the item is overdue, missing, etc.




BIBLION Search Tips

1. When first searching use a broad KEYWORD. Make sure to use the most recent scholarship by sorting the results by date.

Example Keyword Searches

2. Once you've found an item that looks promising, take a look at the subject headings assigned to it (they are blue and underlined). When you click on the link, it will take you to a list of every book in the Library with that same subject heading. This is a good way to narrow your search results.

 Example Subject Heading

Here are the Dewey Decimal System areas for some varying items of Psychology

150 = Field of Psychology

300 = Social Issues (ex. Race, Prejudice)

600 = Clinical Conditions