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Academy Library's Guide for Online Teaching/Learning: For Exeter Summer Faculty

A snapshot of helpful library resources for Canvas courses.

Summer School

Below are examples of course guides we have made for Exeter summer classes.  Please contact us if you'd like one of these updated to better support online learning or if you'd like to request a guide to be made for your course.

EWS-DAA--Debate and Argumentation

HSS-AFP--American Foreign Policy

HSS-NVP--History of Non-Violent Protest

HSS-SEL -- His/Her/Self

HUM-JUS -- Global Justice

Leadership Studies


SSC-CRJ -- Criminal Justice

SSC-UNN--United Nations



Library Services for Faculty

Our librarians are here to help you and your students use the Academy Library's resources and services.  

 Contact a librarian to:

Other Questions?