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New York Times Digital Access: Activate Your Academic Pass

How to activate your academic pass


No more article limits! Download the app for daily access...




1. Visit to activate your New York Times digital pass.

2.  On, click on "Register" and create a free account using your email address. ​​​ 

3. Validate your email address. Check your email inbox for a confirmation message from The New York Times. Click on the link in your confirmation message to validate your email address and claim your New York Times Academic Pass. This will bring you back to the academic pass page, where you will select whether you are a student or faculty member and select your graduation year if relevant.

Note:​ ​​If the confirmation email doesn’t arrive, check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, send an email to from your school email address to request confirmation.

4. Success! You have successfully claimed a Digital Pass when you see the "Start Your Access" screen.

5. Explore and The New York Times News App from any location, on or off campus, by simply logging into your account directly on! We strongly suggest you download the New York Times mobile app at NYT Cooking and NYT Games are not, unfortunately, included in your digital access.

To claim a new Pass after expiration, simply visit and log in with your account associated with your school email address.


NYT Registration Video


If you already have a paid subscription:
  • You will first need to cancel your paid subscription before you register for the Academic Pass. Email or call 866-273-3612 for assistance.

If you have an existing online account:

  • Go to and click the arrow next to your email address in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • If My Account shows another email address, change it to your school email address and then visit again.
  • If you encounter any error messages, please email

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