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U.S. History, 1607-1763 -- Colonial Era -- History 410: Books

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Overview vs. Monograph

An Overview is a book which addresses a time period such as A Companion to Colonial America. Use the index to find your topic; it may be a chapter or just a few pages. An overview is meant to place your topic within the context of the time and larger world.

A Monograph is a book which addresses your specific topic. If you are researching a person, a monograph could be a biography of the person. If you are researching an event, a monograph might be In the Devil's Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692.

  Reserve Rules

A reserve has been set up for this class because so many students will be working on this research paper at the same time.

1. Reserve books should be checked out even if being used during class time.

2. You may check out books for two hours or overnight within two hours of closing.

3. Books checked out overnight must be returned within two hours of opening.