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HIS410 U.S. History, Imperial Crisis and Revolution,1763-1783: Primary Sources

Types of Primary Sources

  • Autobiography
  • Diaries/Journals
  • Letters
  • Speeches
  • Government Documents
  • Magazines/Newspaper Articles
  • Manuscripts
  • Treaties

Primary Sources in Reference Books

Primary Sources in Reference Databases

Internet Primary Sources

The American Revolution and Its Era – Library of Congress – Images of over 2,000 maps and charts from the time of the American Revolution.

Religion and the American Revolution – Library of Congress – An online exhibition of primary source documents that illustrate the role of religion in the American Revolution.

Spy Letters of the American Revolution – University of Michigan – A collection of letters written by wartime spies; also includes a brief desciption of each letter, background information about the spies and their methods, and a timeline.

Pictorial Americana: Selected Images from the Collections of the Library of Congress