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HIS205 Early Modern Europe, 1350-1660 : Websites

Evaluating Internet Sources

Relevance How old is the website or page? 

·      Can you tell when the page was posted to the web?
·      Has the content been updated?

 Reliability How accurate is the information?

·      Have the pages been edited?
·      Is there a bibliography?
·      Do the links work?


Google Web Search

Google Web Search


Elizabeth I – Anniina Jokinen – A section of the "Luminarium" site that offers detailed information about Elizabeth I, including the life and works of Elizabeth I, essays, articles, and an image gallery.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook - Fordham University – A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts for educational use. Some topics include: Absolutism, Enlightenment and the French Revolution. 

Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance – PBS – This site shows how the Renaissance unfolded through the the lens of the Medici family: includes profiles of the Medici leaders, a family tree, a reading list, and links.

Renaissance – Annenberg/CPB – Introduction to the intellectual, political, technological, and economic forces that drove cultural rebirth in Europe, and in Italy in particular.

The Scientific Revolution – University of Florida – A diverse introduction to the Scientific Revolution; includes bibliographic essays, outlines, timelines, a glossary, biographies, and manuscript and archive sources.

Tudor History – Lara E. Eakins – An extensive site that has informationon the Tudor monarchs, the six wives of Henry VIII, and other famous individuals in Tudor history; also has a section on architecture as well as chronologies, maps, a bibliography, and an image gallery.