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HIS203 Classical Greece: Websites

Evaluating Internet Sources

Relevance How old is the website or page? 

·      Can you tell when the page was posted to the web?
·      Has the content been updated?

 Reliability How accurate is the information?

·      Have the pages been edited?
·      Is there a bibliography?
·      Do the links work?


Google Web Search

Google Web Search


Ancient Greece – University Press – An informative and well illustrated guide to ancient Greece covering art and architecture, politics, geography, mythology, peoples, war, history, and other topics.

The Ancient City of Athens – Kevin T. Glowacki – A good photo archive of Athens' architectural remains. Also a useful source for students of classical art, archaeology, civilization, language and history.

Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World is an original electronic project aiming at collecting, recording, documenting, presenting and promoting the historical data that testify to the presence of Hellenic culture throughout time and space. 
The Perseus Digital Library – Tufts University – A worthwhile digital library for Greek and classical resources that offers a search function; contains FAQs, essays, an historical overview, and an extensive library of art objects.