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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Periodicals (Authors A-C)

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building

Magazines vs. Journals

Magazines: Articles in magazines are usually short in length and are written in a popular style.  An example of a magazine that has articles on economics is The Economist.

Journals:  Articles in journals are usually lengthy and are written by scholars and experts in the field. 

They often have bibliographies and extensive footnotes (which can provide leads to other sources). 

Examples of journals that have articles on economics are American Economic Review and Journal of Economic Literature.

Periodicals (Authors A-C)

Ameri, Amir H. "On the Logic of Encampment." Issues in Architecture, Art
       and D
esign vol. 4, no. 2 (1995): 118-152.
          Explores the link between formal and spatial properties of libraries as a 
          building type from the Middle Ages to the present. The Academy Library is
          featured in the article. A copy of the article can be found on the author's website
 under Research & Publication.

Andreotti, Libero. "Conceptual and Artifactual Research Programmes in Louis 
     I. Kahn's Design of the Phillips Exeter Academy Library (1966-72)." Design
July 1984: 159-165.

          Discusses the evolution of Kahn's design for the Library in theoretical terms.
          Plans, sections, drawings.

Armstrong, Rodney. "New Look Library at Phillips Exeter Academy." 
     Library Scene 2 (Summer 1973): 23-25.
          Written by the Librarian after a year's occupation of the Library, this article
          describes the concepts considered in the planning and how they were
          realized in the design. The cover has a color photograph of the building.

Betsky, Aaron. "Heart vs. Head: In architecture we trust, all others bring data."
Architect (February 2011): 68.
          Is architecture art or science?

"Bibliothèque de l'Academie Exeter à Exeter, New Hampshire." Louis I. Kahn 
     Oeuvres 1963-1969. Architecture d'Aujourd'hui, No. 142: 70-73.
          Brief text, photographs of models and plans.

Campbell, Robert. "Grand, But Less Than Great." Boston Sunday Globe 
     25 November 1973: A5. 
          Architecture review; "a work of enormous individuality and strength."

Clark, Roger H., Michael Pause, and twenty students of the School of 
     Design. "Analysis of Precedent: an Investigation of Elements,
     Relationships, and Ordering Ideas in the Work of Eight Architects."
     The Student Publication of the School of Design, North Carolina
     State University at Raleigh, 1979.
          Compares elements of various works, including the Academy Library,
          by eight architects. Diagrams.

Comstock, Paul. "An Interview with Louis Kahn Biographer Carter Wiseman."
     California Literary Review 30 April 2007. Found online at
          Carter Wiseman talks about Louis Kahn's life and his architecture.

Cloistered Walkway

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