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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Websites

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building


Exeter Library - Louis I. Kahn - Great Buildings Online. 1997-2004.
     Great Buildings Online Collection Photographs. 
            3-D model. Short bibliography.

Phillips Exeter Academy Project Page. University of Pennsylvania.
     The Louis I. Kahn Collection. The Architectural Archives of the
     University of Pennsylvania.

Archivision. Archivision.
          Educational image resource for architecture and design. Slides and
          digital files available for a fee.

My Architect web site. 2003. Louis Kahn Project Inc.
          Web site for My Architect: A Son's Journey, the film made by Nathaniel
          Kahn about his father's life and work. Site includes a video showing some
          of Kahn's work, still photos, and other material about the film.

Upper Floor Corner Support

Brian Crowley