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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Media

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building


First Principles. Washington, D.C.: International Masonry Institute, 1974.
          Historian Vincent Scully explains the history of load bearing design
          from ancient Rome to present-day Bangladesh, India, and America
          in an artistic continuum from the Emperor Hadrian to the American
          architect Louis Kahn.

          The examples of Kahn buildings used are the government center at
          Dacca, the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad, and the
          Library at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Louis I. Kahn. London: World Microfilms Publications, 1988. Slides.
          A set of 68 color slides of Kahn's works from 1953 to 1972, taken by Tadeusz
          Barucki; numbers 57-68 are of the Academy Library and dining hall.

Louis I. Kahn: An Offering to Architecture. Los Angeles: Museum of
     Contemporary Art, 1992. Videocassette.
          Presents Louis Kahn's mature work. Narration provided by the voice of  
          Kahn, using excerpts from audio recordings of talks he gave around the

Louis I. Kahn, Architect. New York: Museum at Large, 1972. 16mm film.
          Shows a number of buildings designed by the architect Louis I. Kahn,
          including the Library at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Louis I. Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture. Los Angeles: Museum of 
     Contemporary Art, 1991. Videocassette.
          Vincent Scully describes Kahn's life and work; includes Kahn himself
          discussing some aspects of his architectural philosophy.

Louis I. Kahn: Three Buildings. Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary 
     Art, 1991. Videocassette.
          Vincent Scully discusses the Library and two other Kahn works.

Louis Kahn: Silence and Light. New York: Michael Blackwood Productions, 
     2001. Videocassette.
          Louis Kahn talks about his work; other architects comment on him
          and his architecture, which is seen as transcending trend and style,
          and which focuses on light and timeless qualities.


Brian Crowley

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Brian Crowley


My Architect: A Son’s Journey. New York: New Yorker Video, 2005. DVD.
          Nathaniel Kahn, Louis Kahn’s only son and the illegitimate child of one
          of Kahn’s long-time mistresses, undertakes a five-year worldwide journey
          to understand his long-dead father. The movie explores both Kahn’s personal
          life and his buildings and presents a moving personal odyssey, as well as
          portraying the beauty of Kahn’s architectural legacy. All of Kahn's major
          buildings, including the Library at Phillips Exeter Academy, are shown.

1997 25 Year Award: Phillips Exeter Academy. Washington, D.C.: American
     Institute of Architects, 1997. Videocassette.
          A brief visual tour of the Library with commentary by students, faculty
          and staff.

"Phillips Exeter Academy Library (1965-1971)." Form Function in Architecture.
     Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1998. CD-ROM.
          An excellent series of photographs, plan and discussion of the design
          of the building by R. Thomas Hille.