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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Books (Authors T-Z)

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building

  Books testtesttest Authors A-H

Barford, George. Understanding Modern Architecture. Worcester,
     MA: Davis Publications, Inc., 1986 (p. 120).
          A brief description and one photograph of the Library.

Bednar, Michael J. The New Atrium. New York: McGraw-Hill,
     1986 (pp. 172-173).
          A discussion of the atrium of the Library and its relation to the building
          as a whole. Illustrations, plans, section.

Brown, Jack Perry. Louis I. Kahn: a Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1987.
          Writings by and about Louis Kahn, arranged chronologically.

Close, Gloria W. "The Library of Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New
     Hampshire, 1967-1972." Louis I. Kahn Bibliography. Architectural Series:
     Bibliography A-190.  Monticello, IL: Vance Bibliographies, 1980 (p. 10).
          An extensive bibliography of all sources by and about Kahn, with a section on
          specific works. The section on the Library is a selective listing of journal articles
          which includes some non-English language articles.

Drexler, Arthur. "Louis Kahn." In Transformations in Modern Architecture.
     New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1979 (pp. 102-105).
          Includes a short discussion of the Library and dining hall, "compositions of
          great refinement using the simplest means...."

Futagawa, Yukio, and Romaldo Giurgola. Indian Institute of Management,
     Ahmedabad, India, 1963-, Exeter Library, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter,
     New Hampshire, U.S.A., 1972
. Edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa;
     text by Romaldo Giurgola. Tokyo: A.D.A. Edita Tokyo, 1975 (GA Global
     Architecture, 35).
          A brief description and evaluation of the building, with fine photographs and
          plans. In Japanese and English.

Giurgola, Romaldo, and Jaimini Mehta. "Library and Dining Hall, Phillips Exeter Academy,
     Exeter, New Hampshire, 1967-1972." In Louis I. Kahn. Boulder, CO: Westview Press,
     1975 (pp. 90-93).
          Chiefly illustrations and diagrams with brief descriptions.

Huxtable, Ada Louise. "Louis Kahn: Exeter Library." In Kicked a Building Lately?
     New York: Quadrangle/New York Times Book Co., 1976 (pp. 95-98).
          This essay is a slightly condensed version of the news story in The New York
of Oct. 23,1972, which is described below.

Books (Authors T-Z)

Tyng, Alexandra. Beginnings: Louis I. Kahn's Philosophy of Architecture.
     New York: Wiley, 1984 (pp. 51-52).
          Plan, section and photographs of the Library accompany a brief description.

Vivoni-Farage, Enrique. A Measure of Silence: Louis I. Kahn and the 
     Transformation of the Wall
. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms, 1985

     (pp. 131-145). Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1985. 
          The plan of the Library is discussed as a case study of Kahn's approach;
          includes illustrations and plans.

Wiggins, Glenn E. Louis I. Kahn: the Library at Phillips Exeter Academy.
New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1997.

           Good photographs and drawings; includes a CD-ROM with a virtual tour
           of the Library.

Wiseman, Carter. Louis I. Kahn: Beyond Time and Style: A Life in
. New York: W. W. Norton, 2007 (pp. 180-205).

          The Library is discussed in chapter seven, "A Temple for Learning,"
          which contains photographs and a cross-section of the final design.

Wright, Sylvia Hart. "Phillips Exeter Academy Library; Exeter, N.H., 1972." 
     In Highlights of Recent American Architecture: A Guide to Contemporary
     Architects and Their Leading Works Completed 1945-1978
. Metuchen, NJ:

     The Scarecrow Press, 1982 (p. 66).
          A short description of the Library: notes by managers, engineers, contractor.

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