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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Periodicals (Authors O-Z)

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building

Periodicals (Authors O-Z)

Petrilli, Amedeo. "Exeter Academy di Louis Kahn/The Phillips Exeter Library by 
     Louis Kahn."
Spazio E Societa/Space & Society 18, 76 (Oct-Dec 1996): 68-71.
          Kahn's words on the Phillips Exeter Library from What Will Be Has 
          Always Been: the Words of Louis I. Kahn (Ed. Richard Saul Wurman.
          New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 1990.) 
          Printed in English and Italian. Photographs, plans.

"Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, N.H.: Louis I. Kahn - Philadelphia."
     New England Architect July/August 1972: 21-24.

          Describes the planning and finished details of the building. Illustrated
          with photographs and plans.

Richards, William, "Razing the Exeter Dining Hall: Pros and Kahns."
     Future Anterior, Vol 1, issue 2, Fall 2004: 50-57.

          Considers the significance of Kahn's Elm Street dining hall at Phillips Exeter 
          Academy which was completed in 1972 along with Kahn's library.

Russell, James S., "The Richness of Louis Kahn's Library Stands the Test of
      Time." Architectural Record, May 1997: 94-96.

          The Academy Library wins the prestigious 25-year award of the
          American Institute of Architects. Photographs.

Shenker, Israel. "Kahn Defines Aim of Exeter Design." The New York
23 October 1972: 40.

          An interview with the architect who speaks of his principles of architecture,
          the Library and other buildings.

Wickersham, Jay. "The Making of Exeter Library." Harvard Architecture 
7 (1989): 138-149.

          A thorough article on the design and construction of the Library by an
          alumnus of the Academy. Illustrations, plans, sections.

Wiseman, Carter. "Stern vs Kahn in Preppieland." The New Criterion 10
(March 1992): 62-4.

          A comparison of the architecture of two libraries; St Paul's School, Concord, NH
          and Phillips Exeter Academy, with PEA library being described favorably as
          a "timeless masterpiece."

Rockefeller Hall/Stairwell

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