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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Periodicals (Authors D-H)

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building

Periodicals (Authors D-H)

Dameron, Charles S. "A Monument to the Life of the Mind." 
     Wall Street Journal, 6 August, 2011: C13. Print.
          A tribute to the Library in celebration of its 40th year.

Gorlin, Alexander C. "Biblical Imagery in the Work of Louis I. Kahn: from 
     Noah's Ark to the Temple of Solomon." A&U: Architecture and Urbanism
     176 (May 1985): 83-92.
          "The highly charged mythical imagery of Exerter (sic) leads ultimately to
          the Temple of Solomon through its American Masonic interpretations."

Hennessy, Richard. "Prototype and Progeny: Some Recent Monumental 
     Architecture." Artforum 17 (November 1978): 68-74.
          The building is described as a work in which ". . . function, unit of design
          and unit of construction are totally harmonized." The use of brick and the
          importance of the facades are discussed briefly, the author maintaining
          that Kahn was ". . . rethinking the logic of brick construction." There are
          photographs, with one of the Kahn-designed dining hall mislabeled "Library."

Hughes, Robert. "Brick is Stingy, Concrete is Generous." Horizon 16 (Autumn 
     1974): 30-45.
          A general article about Kahn's work and philosophy; contains a brief
          description of the Library and several photographs.

Huxtable, Ada Louise. "New Exeter Library: Stunning Paean to Books." 
     The New York Times 23 October 1972: 33-34.
          Description and evaluation of the building. "A serene, distinguished
          structure of considerable beauty...."

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