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Kahn Reference Guide: The Design of the Library: Periodicals (Authors L-N)

A Guide to Kahn's Academy Library Building

Periodicals (Authors L-N)

LeCuyer, Annette. "Evaluation: Kahn's Powerful Presence at Exeter." 
     Architecture 74 (February 1985): 74-79.
          The Library and dining hall are described in terms of their functioning
          in the Exeter setting; ". . . a timeless vision — at once classical and
          contemporary — of institutions that form the very foundation of human
          culture." Photographs, plan.

"Louis Kahn: Biblioteca della Phillips Exeter Academy ad Exeter, 
     Inghilterra" (sic). L'Architettura: Chroniche e Storia xx. n. 5 (settembre
     1974): 325-327. 
          Brief article accompanied by photographs, plans, section.

Marlin, William. "Within the Folds of Construction." The Architectural Forum 
     139 (October 1973): 26-35.
          Discussion on the theme: "Louis Kahn's work at Exeter Academy
          evinces an on-going search for the essential elements of architecture."

Mattern, Shannon. "Geometries of Reading, Light of Learning: Louis I. Kahn's
      Library at Phillips Exeter." Nexus Network Journal
12, 3 (2010): 389-420.
          Examines how the geometric forms of the library shape patrons'
          relationships to media in the collection.

"The Mind of Louis Kahn." The Architectural Forum 137 (July/August
     1972): 76-77.
          After a brief description there is a statement by Kahn about his
          intent and thinking behind the design of the Library. Photographs,
          plan, elevation.

Novitski, B. J. "In Search of Louis Kahn." Architecture Week 17 Dec.
     2003: C1.
          A review of the film My Architect.

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