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Music: Sheet Music

Sheet Music in WMS Catalog

The Phillips Exeter Academy Music Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System to organize its sheet music collection. The call number for each sheet music item begins with the letter M (for music) followed by a series of numbers that represent the number of players for which the music was written, as well as the specific instruments required to perform the piece.

To locate sheet music in the catalog, search by Author using the name of a composer (last name first). After search results are retrieved, locate the Format box (immediately to the left of the search results) and check the box next to Musical Score. The search results will automatically refresh to display only printed scores and sheet music.

Alternatively, you may search the catalog by Keyword using words or phrases that indicate composers, styles or genres of music (for example, Mahler Symphony or String Quartet). Repeat the steps above to display sheet music results first.  

Sheet Music in the Music Library

Call Numbers for Sheet Music

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