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Music: COVID-19 Update: Winter 2021 Re-Opening FAQ


In order to preserve the health and safety of our community, the PEA Music Library will remain closed to visitors until the end of the Winter 2021 term. However, beginning on February 15, 2021, faculty, students, and staff may request materials for purchase and/or pickup outside the Music Library (Room 109 on the first floor of the Forrestal-Bowld Music Building), and digital scans of public-domain sheet music will be available on an as-needed basis.

How will the curbside service work?

Click on the purple “Hold for Pickup” button in the Library’s catalog record for a score to place your request for that score (see image below). The link will be present only for collection materials that can be checked out at this time.

Once your request is received, the item(s) will be pulled from the Music Library stacks and placed on a cart, where they will remain for a mandatory 3-day quarantine. At the end of day 3, the item(s) will be placed into a paper bag with your name on it and then placed in alphabetical order (last name first) on a cart marked “pick-up” right outside the doors to the main room of the Music Library (Room 109). The requested materials will be checked-out to you and you will be notified by email when your materials are ready to pick up.

Please do not remain in the vicinity of the Music Library to open your bag or check its contents. Unneeded materials may be placed in one of the black hanging file containers marked “Returns” to the right of the entrance to the Music Library or placed in the book drop at the Academy Library.

Is there a limit on the number of items I can request for pickup/scanning?

You may request up to 5 items a day for pickup. There is no limit on the number of scan requests you can submit.

I am interested in materials from other library collections. When will they become available?

Due to operational restrictions in place at music libraries throughout the United States, the Music Library is unable to offer inter-library loan (ILL) services during the fall 2020 term. However, PEA students, faculty and staff may request sheet music items for purchase; once cataloged, these items will be available for curbside pickup following the procedures outlined above.  

Since the Music Library is closed to visitors, where will I be able to print, scan and/or copy music?

Users may print, scan and/or copy music using the MFP (multi-function printer) that has been moved out of the Music Library and placed in the rear atrium of the Music Building, directly outside Room 109. When using the MFP, please disinfect all touched surfaces after you are finished and practice social distancing while others are present.  

If an item has been checked out to another patron and returned to the Music Library, how long will I need to wait before I can check it out?

All items returned by users to the Music Library will be quarantined for 72 hours (3 days) before being discharged and re-shelved. You may check an item out any time after the mandatory 72-hour quarantine period has elapsed.

When I pick up or return library materials, should I clean or disinfect them?

No. Please don’t clean or disinfect Music Library materials; doing so may damage the materials, and it’s not necessary given the mandatory pre-pickup / post-drop-off quarantine period for library items, along with other precautions the Music Librarian will be taking.

I am not coming to the PEA campus this fall and I have overdue Music Library materials. Where should I return them?

The Music Library requests that all those who currently have items borrowed from the collection hold onto those materials until further notice.  All due dates have been extended and all fines and late fees generated during the COVID-19 period are being waived.

What is the turnaround time for Scan + Email requests?

Scan + Email requests will be filled within one or two business days. Please note that the Scan + Email option will be available only for public-domain scores and sheet music; items under copyright protection will need to be checked out and obtained via curbside pickup. To avoid delays, please request materials for fall semester teaching and research as soon as possible.

I won’t be returning to the PEA campus this fall. Can you send sheet music to me?

No. The Music Library is offering in-person pickup only; students who will be off-campus this fall are encouraged to make use of public-domain music from IMSLP and digital scores available in Naxos Sheet Music Library as much as possible.

May I recall books that are checked out?

At this time, the Music Library cannot recall books because so many library users are away from campus and unable to return items to campus. If you need a score or sheet music that is currently checked out, please submit a purchase request, and the Music Librarian will try to obtain a new copy for you.


For questions not answered here, please email Music Librarian Drew Gatto at

LAST UPDATED: 13 September 2020