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English 430 -- There, There: Historical & Social Context


Learn about Historical and Social Topics

NPR Weekend Edition Segment (4 minutes): Urban American Indians Rewrite Relocation's Legacy


Urban Rez (2013) explores the controversial legacy & modern-day effects of the US Government's assimilation policy to dismantle the Indian Reservation system by relocating American Indians from their rural homelands to urban areas.

Photos of the Alcatraz Occupation, 1969 (Getty Images).

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National Geographic Video (4 minutes): Filmmaker Keeley Gould captures contemporary Native American culture at the 31st annual Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 700 tribes attend this three-day cultural heritage celebration.


Absented Presence: “They All Died Off” and Other Myths About Native Americans - Recording of In-person Panel Event, part of the 2022 Elinor Hooker Tea Talks Series, Courageous Conversations Leaning in for Change, February 13, 2022. 
Description: Many organizations across the state have been using “Land Acknowledgments” raising awareness of the first nation status and original presence of Native Americans in our state. However, New Hampshire is one of only 15 states that have no federally recognized tribes.For this panel, presenters explored various issues in New Hampshire’s Native American community including, inadequate representation, invisibility, access to education, and tribal non-recognition.

Indian-head test pattern (Wikipedia image)

RCA Indian Head Test Pattern

Radiohead's "There, There"