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HIS205 The Medieval Worlds: Websites

Evaluating Internet Sources

Relevance How old is the website or page? 

·      Can you tell when the page was posted to the web?
·      Has the content been updated?

 Reliability How accurate is the information?

·      Have the pages been edited?
·      Is there a bibliography?
·      Do the links work?


Google Web Search

Google Web Search


Internet Islamic History Sourcebook – Fordham University – The Internet Islamic History Sourcebook is a great resource for  medieval primary sources.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook – Fordham University – The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is a great resource for  medieval primary sources.

Labyrinth: Medieval Resources – Georgetown University – Features free access to electronic resources in medieval studies. Among its offerings are bibliographies, a searchable index, links to special topics, and full-text versions of medieval works.
The Online Medieval and Classical Library – Berkeley Digital Library – OMACL is a collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. All of the texts in this collection are searchable by Title, Author, Genre, or Language.