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Plaques in the Library: All Plaques by Location

An overview of the content and location of the plaques in the Class of 1945 library


  • Woodward Plaque

Library Commons

  • Gettysburg Address
  • Hager Plaque

Fourth floor

  • Armstrong Plaque
  • Class of 1951 Plaque
  • C. Lamont Plaque
  • T. Lamont Plaque
  • Nimick Plaque
  • Shapiro Plaque

First floor

  • Biblion Plaque
  • Downes Plaque
  • Dresser Plaque
  • Hodgman and Joslin Plaque
  • Mason Plaque
  • Rockefeller Plaque
  • J. Savage Plaque
  • Tanenbaum Plaque​​

Floor 1M

  • Gropp Plaque
  • Jones Plaque
  • Lawrence Plaque
  • Little Plaque
  • Merrill Plaque

Second floor

  • Kegg Plaque
  • Ottaway Plaque
  • G. Savage Plaque

Floor 2M

  • Bates Plaque

Third floor

  • Claflin Plaque
  • Law Plaque
  • McConnell Plaque
  • Phillips Plaque
  • Stuckey Plaque

Floor 3M

  • Geib Plaque
  • Hinkel Plaque