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Bennett Fellowship


The purpose of the George Bennett Fellowship is to provide time and freedom to a person seriously contemplating or pursuing a career as a writer.  As Writer-in-Residence the person shall live in Exeter and make his or her self and talents available in an informal and unofficial way to Exeter students interested in writing and, more specifically, to students in English classes and to members of student literary organizations.


George E. Bennett '23, a native of Exeter, graduated from Harvard in 1927 and taught at the Gilman School before returning to the Academy in 1929 as an instructor in English. During his 37 years at the Academy, he was closely identified with the development of creative writing and was the inspiration for many students who later became professional writers. In 1959, he was named chair of the department of English. In 1961, he was named the 1959 Donner Foundation Professor and in 1962 he became the first Independence Foundation Professor. After a five-year term as chair of his department, he continued teaching until his death in 1965. He was, many will agree, one of the most distinguished teachers of English in the modern history of Exeter.