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HIS204 Classical Rome: Books

WMS Catalog Search

Catalog Search Tips

1. When first searching use a broad KEYWORD. Make sure to use the most recent scholarship by sorting the results by date.

2. Once you've found an item that looks promising, take a look at the subject headings assigned to it (they are blue and underlined). When you click on the link, it will take you to a list of every book in the Library with that same subject heading. This is a good way to narrow your search results.

Library Catalog Search Tips

1. To search for BOOKS ONLY in the Library Catalog select the Books tab on the search widget or select "Advanced Search".

2.   In the "Advanced Search" use the Search Tools option on the bottom of the page to limit search to information that can be found in Book format.

 3. When you find a book in your search results that looks relevant, use the subject links for that book to lead you to more sources.

Example keyword search: Augustus Caesar

Example subject search: 

Overview vs. Monograph

An Overview is a book which addresses a time period such as Companion to the Roman Empire. Use the index to find your topic; it may be a chapter or just a few pages. An overview is meant to place your topic within the context of the time and larger world.

A Monograph is a book which addresses your specific topic. If you are researching a person, a monograph could be a biography of the person. If you are researching an event, a monograph might be Caesar Against Rome: The Great Roman Civil War.

Google Book Search

Google Book Search