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HIS204 Classical Rome: Websites

Evaluating Internet Sources

Relevance How old is the website or page? 

·      Can you tell when the page was posted to the web?
·      Has the content been updated?

 Reliability How accurate is the information?

·      Have the pages been edited?
·      Is there a bibliography?
·      Do the links work?



Forum Romanum – Harvard University – An award-winning site on Ancient Rome that includes a virtual tour, a dictionary of mythology, a picture index, and much information on history, life, language, and literature.

The Perseus Digital Library – Tufts University – A worthwhile digital library for Greek and classical resources that offers a search function; contains FAQs, essays, an historical overview, and an extensive library of art objects.

The Roman Empire in the First Century – Meet the emperors of Rome, read the words of poets and philosophers, learn about life in the 1st Century AD.