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Plaques in the Library: First floor

An overview of the content and location of the plaques in the Class of 1945 library

Biblion Plaque

Location: Center of south wall of Rockefeller Hall, behind public computers

Inscription: "The Biblion Library System is a gift to the students, faculty, and staff of Phillips Exeter Academy from those who value libraries. Including: the Abington Foundation, the George I. Alden Trust, Louis N. Browning '50, Timothy W. Childs '53, E. Harry Close '54, Pierre J. de Vegh '54, the Keller Family Foundation, Phillip H. Loughlin III '57, Henry S. Wann '33 and the Friends of the Academy Library, Robert N. Shapiro '68, chairman."

Size: 21 x 36 cm

Hodgman and Joslin Plaque

Location: Harkness Table in Rockefeller Hall

Inscription: "Presented by Thomas F. Hodgman and Ramsey E. Joslin, Class of 1945. 2005."


  • Thomas F. Hodgman, PEA 1945
  • Ramsey E. Joslin, PEA 1945

Size: 4 x 18 cm

J. Savage Plaque

Location: The rug was loaned to the Department of Classics for use in the Latin Study in 2010. The plaque is there as well.

Inscription: "Kashan palace oriental rug. Presented in honor of John A. Savage by his wife Mary F. and their sons John D. '34, James W. '34, Nicholas '38 and Alfred F. Savage '40."

Size:  9 x 16 cm

Downes Plaque

Location: North-East corner office

Inscription: "The Donald C. Downes '22 Library Fund to support library programs at Phillips Exeter Academy."


  • Donald C. Downes, PEA 1922

Size:  16 x 25 cm

Mason Plaque

Location: Librarian's office, South-East corner

Inscription: "This room is named in memory of Peter R. Mason Class of 1962."


  • Mason, Peter R. PEA 1962

Size: 17 x 17 cm

Tanenbaum Plaque

Location: West side bookstack in Reference area

Inscription: "Donated by Charles J. Tanenbaum, 1930 in memory of his father Jerome Tanenbaum, 1903."


  • Charles J. Tanenbaum, PEA 1930
  • Jerome Tanenbaum, PEA 1903

Size: 17 x 17 cm

Dresser Plaque

Location: South-East corner office

Inscription: "This room is the gift of Robert B. Dresser Class of 1898."


  • Robert B. Dresser, PEA 1898

Size: 17 x 17 cm

Rockefeller Plaque

Location: Rockefeller Hall

Inscription: "In memoriam Michael Clark Rockefeller."


  • Rockefeller, Michael Clark PEA 1956

Size: 16 x 31 cm